David is Gay

1) When will the next update be?
I have no idea, check our site for updates or go to Baka Updates, and search for our group. Of course we want to get things posted as quickly as possible, but we have other things taking up our schedule too, and scanlating takes time.

2) Can I host your scanlations on my site?
No, I'm sorry but we would like to keep our work on our site only.

3) Can I use your scans and translate them into a language other than English?
Sure, go ahead, more people should have access to these manga, but please credit us.

4) Could you add a link to my site somewhere on Delicious Penguins?
We'd be happy to, and please link us back. Links to other sites, our buttons, and other random things are listed under "Moo!"

5) Do you need any other editors, translators, ect?
Yes, if you'd like to contribute, please email us at deliciouspenguins@gmail.com. Provide us with a sample of whatever kind of work you'd like to do, and we'll get back to you. XiaoXi translates Chinese manga and Joodeadfoo translates Japanese manga, so if you know either language fairly well we have scans in both. Although anyone who knows another language or has their own scans and would like to contribute to our group, please feel welcome to.