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Okay, we've been inactive for a long time, I know, sorry ^^;. But here's why: I had the next chapter pretty much all ready, but the internet at our new apartment wasn't working. Boo. After we got it working, I just didn't really get around to working on the website because by then I had class and a new puppy who's not particularly bright to take care of. Before I do get around to it, my harddrive dies and I loose all my scans and all my work. I currently do not have a working scanner. There is another group, Ephemeral Dreams, scanlating Kocha Oji, however, so you can go to them to read it. When I do get around to doing getting a working scanner, I've decided I'm going to start on something else, preferably shorter so i can actually get a whole series finished. Any requests?


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Let me take a moment here to talk about money. I've added a referral link for DSLExtreme on the side. Why? Because DSLExtreme is awesome. I've used three DSL providers: Earthlink, ATT/SBC Yahoo!, and DSLExtreme. Out of the three, DSLExtreme wins. Their tech support is actually based in America, so if you call them for help, it is extremely unlikely the person on the other end will have an Indian accent. Their prices also can't be beat. I'm paying $27 a month at our new apartment to get 600 KB/s down and 75 KB/s up. Hurry, though. Their special price of $12.95/month for the 1500/384kbps plan expires in less than 2 weeks. So, if you're thinking of finally updating that old dial-up connection to DSL, please do it through our link.

Oh, you guys wanted a new chapter? Xiaoxi will have a new one ready soon enough.

...Also. I'm not gay.



The omake has been posted.



Actually I take that back about the next chapter, it's randomly uber easy. I'm not entirely fluent in reading Chinese, part of the reason why I'm doing this is to practice, so sometimes it takes me a long time, but I'm actually nearly done translating this one. I probably don't have time to finish everything before Tuesday, which is when I leave for China, especially since I haven't even started on the omake yet, but hopefully that one will go up before Tuesday and I can get book 2 to you by early September. Also, Joodeadfoo is working on some other things as well, but she's not fluent either, so give us time. Anyway...Just a heads up.



The fifth chapter of Kocha Oji is now up, which concluded volume 1. Sorry it took a little longer than I expected, I was having internet issues and couldn't get it uploaded again, so AkujinD had to do it. We also have a new team member working on this one, editing was done by Atazure. Volume 2 probably won't be out for a while, but there's an omake from volume 1 about making tea that I will post before then to keep everyone entertained.



Check back in the next couple of days for the fifth chapter of Kocha Oji, and then the first volume will be done! Yay. Expect chapter 6 to be a bit delayed though, since I'll be going to China on vacation shortly.



For anyone who's interested, mouseprinter has a daily shoujo scanlation listing at Shoujo_Inc . Stop by her site and check it out.


Chapter 4 should be all fixed now, sorry about the problem, I think the file must of gotten messed up as a result of my crappy internet connection at home. Let me know if there are any other problems, and sorry if you have to download the chapter again.


Somehow, chapter 4 got corrupted and is missing the last few pages. Unfortunately, the only person who has the original files is xiaoxi...and she's currently on vacation in LA. So, she will fix it when she gets back in a week. Sorry about that.


I miss my college connection... Suddenly going from 5 MB/s to 280 KB/s hurts. BTW, DSLite is SHINY.


The fourth chapter of Kocha Oji is finally up! Hopefully the fifth chapter won't take so long. Sadly I am now out of the dorms and uploading is no longer instantaneous...oh well.


Okay yeah, I totally lied about that last deadline. Sorry, but I had finals to study for. I thought I'd finish up the next chapter after finals, but now I have strep throat. Only a mild case, but it still sucks, and I don't feel much up to working on anything. I am working it though, just sloooowly. I'm almost done though, and just so everyone will know what we aren't dead, the next chapter will really be up in a few days at most, I PROMISE!


I was really busy with two midterms last week, and this week I'll be busy finishing up my costumes for Fanime (yay), but the fourth chapter of Koucha Ouji should be posted in a week or so. Also, since this is the last chapter of volume one, as soon as the first chapter of volume two gets done all of book one will be moved to bittorrent to save us some space. You probably have a good three weeks before that happens, but just letting everyone know in advance. *EDIT: Haha just kidding chapter five is the last chapter, so...yeah, never mind what I said.

Okay I'm like 2 hours late of making my deadline this weekend, but that's okay. The third chapter of Kocha Ochi is now up. Also...HYDE!!!! Delcious Penguins has some unwanted Hyde tickets that are looking to sell off, both for the Fillmore in SF and the Hollywood concert. These concerts are both sold out, so contact us if you have any interest in the up coming Hyde concert.
*Also, I forgot to add, some of you may notice that I've stopped translating some of the Chinese sound effects, whereas before I mostly just left the Japanese ones, since I don't know Japanese. The reasons for which are 1) It just adds that much more time before I can post a chapter, 2) They're not important anyway, 3) A lot of them sound retarded in English.

I've added a guestbook, which I also got for free since I'm too lazy to learn how to make one. Please leave us feedback on how we're doing so far, and anything else you'd like to see translated. Also, the third chapter of Kocha Oji should be up this weekend.

We now have a nifty new layout. I was way too lazy to learn how to code it properly, so I just got a template from www.zymic.com.

The second chapter of Kocha Oji can now be found under ongoing projects. Also, Joodeadfoo is working on scanlating Hanairo virgin Soil.

Just a heads up, the second chapter of Kocha Oji should be posted up in about a week or so.

I am not gay, damn it! And this isn't an April Fool's joke! Also, releases are found under Ongoing Projects.

Yay we are now officially actually doing something! The first chapter to Kocha Oji has been posted, more to come.

David is still gay!